Andy Jamault Hike

Andy Jamault Trail

Make this hike take as long as you like! It begins in Pasquia Regional Park, located just south of Carrot River on Highway 23. This trail is a total 12km, out and back trail that takes you along the banks of the Carrot River to a shale deposit site where a 92 million-year-old skeleton of a Terminorinis Robusta was found in the 1990's. This skeleton, or Big Bert as we know him is on display at the Pasquia Regional Park Interpretive Center. 

While on this hike through the forest you will be transported back in time as you walk among ferns taller than 6 feet and towering trees. Once at the shale site, you can explore a little or a lot, even dig some for fossils. If you do find any please take photos and leave the piece behind for others to enjoy finding. 

Remember to be respectful of this nature space, take care to preserve the space as it is and always pack out what you pack in!

For a map go: TO THIS LINK