Down Hill Sliding

Downhill sliding: the thrill, the speed, the cold wind….all so exhilarating!

Downhill sliding, sledding, tobogganing, whatever you call it – it is FUN! It is one way we can enjoy our winter season, get outdoors, and make some memories while being active.

So where do you go, what do you need, and are there some tips or tricks to make the best experience? 

1.  Location, location, location…

Pasquia Regional Park has the most ideal location with a large hill featuring varying degrees of slope.  On a warm winter day, you may find other families enjoying the space with a small fire, hot dog roast, and yummy hot chocolate. Drive 10.6km south of Carrot River on Highway 23.

Right in Carrot River, you will find a more introductory hill at the elementary school playground located at the very north end of Main Street. This is a hot spot for people wanting to give snowboarding a beginner try or dust off that old three skis! It is good to note that you will also find an outdoor skating rink and playground here, making this a fantastic family stop!

2.  What to bring?

You can bring whatever works for you! Dust off your old sled, purchase a new one at the Co-op on Main. Maybe you are a little more innovative and have a cookie sheet that will do the trick! Be sure to bring something to sit on, some yummy snacks, and warm-up beverages. Of course, safety is important so be sure to dress for the weather.

3. Tips and tricks

If you have access to a snowmobile, bring it! Climbing that hill can get tiring for some of the older folks and you do not want to shorten your fun day because someone got too tired.

Most importantly, go with an adventurous spirit and the intention to let your inner child out!

Embrace winter in Saskatchewan’s OUTBACK!


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