Rice River Back Country Hike

Make this hike as short or as long as you like. You can prepare to back country camp and hike to the “forks”  where you can climb to amazing views. To reach the “forks prepare for a 6 mile hike one way. If back country is not your style then enjoy a day hike or even a roadside stop to explore!

Remember this is as back country as it gets, prepare appropriately, be aware of wildlife and let someone know your trip plans. There is no cellular service here and as always, pack out what you pack in.

The Rice River Canyon (ecological reserve) is located east of Carrot River on highway 55, see map to the left. Parking is roadside and at your own risk. This is an unmarked, unmonitored and unmaintained area so please proceed with caution.

Hike this rocky river bed during summer and fall months and feel like you are somewhere altogether different and completely engulfed in nature. Maybe spot some wildlife or fossils while you are there! You can find even more details on this hike at The Lost Girls Guide to Finding the World -Rice River Hike Blog Post.